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What can I say ... I LOVE CRAFTING. Over the years I have done a wide selection of crafts, including Cross Stich, Tapestry, Long Stitch, Card Making, Beadcraft, Patchwork, Quilting, Pottery Painting, Slipcasting, Calligraphy ... plus others that I can't think of right now. I have however, only recently started to sell the items that I make - watch this space!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

All packed up

My daughter is off on an adventure holiday with school on Monday morning.  She's really excited about going as she's never done anything like this before.  I'm expecting a few tears when I drop her off for the bus though, she's a little apprehensive about being away from home for the first time.  

Although she's 10, she still goes to bed each night with a little cuddly or her favourite cushion to keep her company.  She didn't want to take one with her, so I've made her this pillow case to comfort her whilst she's away.

I also made an embroidered luggage tag to go onto her suitcase.  I wanted to post a photograph, but decided not to as it has her school name on there.  I also made an embroidered square which I stitched to her sleeping bag (more difficult than it sounds!)

As usual, my photography isn't the best in the world.  But my wonderful hubby has bought me a new camera (whoop!), so hopefully my skills will improve now I don't need to use the camera on my mobile phone.

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  1. not quite sure what all the things are you have made but they do look really loveley...Nice to see the to do list is helping even if it is getting longer.....