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What can I say ... I LOVE CRAFTING. Over the years I have done a wide selection of crafts, including Cross Stich, Tapestry, Long Stitch, Card Making, Beadcraft, Patchwork, Quilting, Pottery Painting, Slipcasting, Calligraphy ... plus others that I can't think of right now. I have however, only recently started to sell the items that I make - watch this space!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Productive Morning

Well I'm really pleased with myself today.  I've spent a few hours in my little sewing room this afternoon and got a couple of things ticked off my 'To Do' list.  Unfortunately, I can't find the lead for my camera, so I'm unable to share the photographs that I took.  I'm going to have a hunt for it a little later and hopefully get some pics posted soon.

So what did I do ???

I decided to make a 'Needle Book' for myself as I'm always hunting around for a needle on the occasions that I do some hand sewing.  Gen was with me as she's been off ill from school the past couple of days (back tomorrow), and she decided she wanted to make one for herself.  She chose some vivid pink from my scrap stash which I cut up for her.  She plugged in her sewing machine and away she went.  She got a bit confused turning it the right way around as I'd put a layer of batting inside so she wasn't sure which hole to turn it through.  I use a lot of fleece and Gen chose some pink to put in the middle of her 'book'.  I love the colours she chose and think it turned out very nicely.  The only thing that we didn't do was put some ribbon to fasten it together ... my fault, this was the first one that I'd ever done so didn't think about it.

I've had some material in for a couple of years.  I got it VERY cheaply when a local fabric store was closing down.  I did intend to make curtains with it at some point, but that would mean redecorating, and that's just another thing on our 'round tuit' list!  Anyway, I decided to use this fabric to make a few co-ordinating items specifically for my sewing room.  It has a swirly pattern down each side and 2 flower panels in the middle.  I decided that I only wanted to use the swirly pattern part of it as the flower was a little large for the projects I was making.

I set to work to make a cover for my note book first of all.  Now, although it looks ok, I'm not completely happy with it.  I really do wish that I'd added a layer of wadding as it seems a little 'flimsy' on my book.  Again, this was a learning curve as I've never made one of these before either.  I think I will make a second cover soon complete with wadding and learn from the mistake that I've made.  (I always say those who don't make mistakes don't do anything!)

The second item I made is a needle book for myself.  I used the same fabric as the note book cover and added some mint ribbon to keep it closed.  For the inside I chose some lime green fleece which I thought looked great.

I'm planning to also make the following co-ordinating items over the next few days :-

~ Mug rug for my juice glass
~ Pin cushion
~ Thread catcher
~ Scissors pouch
~ Cover for my back cushion that I have on my sewing chair
~ Anything else I think of and get time

(anyone notice my 'To Do' list is getting longer!!!)

*** UPDATE ***

Since I posted this afternoon, I have completed my Mug Rug AND have made the pin cushion ... I just need to stuff it and whip stitch shut :-)


  1. Can't wait to see some pic's of your masterpieces. As Arnie would say... I'll be BacK!

  2. Hi Cheryll, thanks for following me, it's lovely to see other people's work and you have some wonderful postings over on your blog. I've been reading through many blogs over the past week, and they've given me so much encouragement to get back into sewing a lot more. hopefully many more posts to come. Caroline x